Epithalon 100mg Pre Mixed Pen


Epithalon 100mg Pre Mixed Pen


Epithalon or also called as Epithalone or Epitalon is a synthetic version of the Epithalamin that is produced naturally in the pineal gland.



Epithalon 100mg Pre Mixed Peptide Pen

Epithalon or also called as Epithalone or Epitalon is a synthetic version of the Epithalamin that is produced naturally in the pineal gland.

The main role of Epitalon is to boost the natural production of telomerase, an enzyme which helps cells reproduce telomeres that are DNAs protective parts. This enables the replication of the DNA, so our body can grow new cells as well as rejuvenate old ones. Younger individuals generate a relatively huge amount of telomerase as well as longer telomeres.

The longer the strands of the telomere are the better cell health and duplication they offer. But, as you get older, the production of telomerase declines and consequently, cell health and replication decline. This is one reason why people age.

Also, it plays an essential role in controlling metabolism, boosting the sensitivity of hypothalamus to its natural hormonal influences. This also normalizes the working of the anterior pituitary and controlling the levels of gonadotropins as well as melatonin in your body.

Epitalon Benefits

As an outcome of Epitalon’s effect on the production of telomerase, the perks are exceptional as well as far-reaching and take account of:

  • A boost of human lifespan by making telomeres stronger in human cells
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Delay as well as prevention of age-related illnesses like heart disease, cancer as well as dementia.
  • Work as anti-oxidant through reducing ROS and lipid oxidation together with stabilizing the function of T-cell.
  • Improvement of skin appearance and health
  • Healing of harmed and deteriorating muscle cells
  • Normalizes and restores levels of melatonin in older individuals who have lost pineal function because of ageing
  • Increase resistance to emotional stress


A lot of studies have revealed the significance of the production of telomerase and the rejuvenation of telomere in combating the signs of ageing.

As Epitalon peptide has been revealed to augment the making of telomerase that in turn strengthens as well as lengthens telomeres, this signifies that this peptide can play a significant job in decreasing the process of ageing and as a result make human longevity longer.

How To Use Epithalon 100mg Pre Mixed Pen:

How Long Will The Pen Last with One Cartridge? – 10 days

When To Inject? – Once a day

Where On The Pen Dial Should I Turn To Per Injection? – 20

How Long To Take The Peptide For? – For ten days, Twice a year.

What the pen pack contains

1 x Peptide pen
1 x cartridge ( The cartridge is premixed with the vial of your choice and Bac water. )
5 x Pen Tips ( needles for injection )
1 x Pen Carry Case

Cartridges on their own –

The cartridges are for people who already have a pen and would like to order a cartridge/s on their own. You are still receiving one peptide vial per cartridge.

Each cartridge comes with ten pen tips.

Please note –

  • Pens come in different colours.
  • One cartridge contains one peptide vial and the correct about off water. This may not fill the cartridge, but we do not overfill with water which dilutes the peptide too much. If you receive a “half full” cartridge, you’re still getting one vial and the correct mixture of water.

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