AMPK Nasal Spray


The heterotrimeric complex AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) works as a sensor of cellular energy levels. Activating AMPK is essential for regulating metabolic activities in the heart, liver, skeletal muscle, pancreas, and adipose tissue.

AMPK Peptide 15ml contains: 2mg
AMPK Peptide 30ml contains: 4mg

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This product is intended for research and medical purposes only, to be only used by trained professionals.

AMPK also known as Adenosine monophosphate (AMP)-activated protein kinase [1].

By increasing the AMP/ATP ratio during physical activity, AMPK is activated in human skeletal muscle and, according to animal studies, also in adipose tissue, the liver, and perhaps other organs. The AMPK pathway is activated to maximise energy production, promoting processes such as fatty acid oxidation and glucose uptake and decreasing energy-consuming functions such as synthesising lipids and proteins [2].

AMPK nasal is emerging as a promising therapeutic target for treating diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and CVD (cardiovascular disease), however, further research is needed [3].

AMPK has an essential function in neurodegenerative, inflammatory, and cardiovascular diseases. As well as in metabolic & cancer problems. It also has an exceptionally preserved power sensing unit [4].



Storage: Lyophilised peptides stored below -18°C.

Research use only. Not for human or animal consumption!

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