ACE-031 Nasal Spray


ACE-031 is a healthy protein designed to imitate a natural receptor in regulating muscle tissue’s development, strength, and function.

ACE-031 15ml contains: 1mg
ACE-031 30ml contains: 2mg

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This product is intended for research and medical purposes only, to be used by trained professionals only.

According to research, ACE-031 peptide nasal spray is a myostatin-preventative protein. It is designed to imitate a natural receptor regulating muscle hypertrophy, strength, and function. ACE-031 acts as a myostatin inhibitor by binding to myostatin [1]. Additional proteins control the process of myostatin. Myostatin is an essential, nutritious protein that inhibits the formation and development of muscular mass cells.

Typically, myostatin restricts muscle development by inhibiting cellular chemical impulses and myogenesis.

ACE-031 appears to bind to myostatin, decreasing restrictive signals and promoting muscle development signals.


Numerous clinical trials on ACE-031 have focused on treating youngsters with Duchenne or DMD muscular dystrophy.

According to animal research, the Belgian blue bull produces less myostatin than other cow breeds. In addition, they have a greater diversity of muscle fibres, resulting in slender, hypersculpted, ultra muscular bodies.

In addition, according to studies, ACE-031 functions by binding myostatin, preventing it from connecting to its receptors. Myostatin is the protein responsible for restricting muscle tissue’s growth in size and mass. As ACE-031 binds to the myostatin protein, it stops myostatin from exerting its impact on the muscle, allowing it to expand in size and bulk without restriction. Consequently, human investigations have demonstrated increases in lean muscle mass and muscle mass volume [2].

In addition, ACE-031 has a positive impact on indicators of fat and bone. Multiple investigations on myostatin inhibitors have demonstrated the potential to cure disorders characterised by muscle wasting, making ACE-031 an attractive strategy for treating DMD and ALS [3].


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