GDF-8 Myostatin Nasal Spray


Myostatin (GDF-8) inhibits myogenesis, the development of muscle tissue, notably during embryonic development, indicating its presence in the muscle healing process, according to research.

GDF-8 (Myostatin) 15ml contains: 1mg
GDF-8 (Myostatin) 30ml contains: 2mg

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GDF-8 (Myostatin) is a myokine. Myocytes generate and manufacture myokine, which is a protein. These myocytes function in your muscle cells to suppress myogenesis. According to studies, this method promotes muscular development. In the process of muscle repair, myostatin (GDF-8) is present. Myogenesis, or the creation of muscle tissue, is inhibited by its nature, particularly throughout embryonic development [1]. If you have deep, penetrating injuries to your bones and muscles, myostatin inhibitors promote the healing of your wounds [2].

GDF-8 has been discovered to be expressed in the ovaries and to play an essential role in several ovarian functions. In addition, study results indicate that GDF-8 can offer insight into the pathways that lead to aromatase expression, which might lead to the development of novel therapeutic options for patients with OHSS [3].



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