Epithalon for anti-aging

What is Epithalon? Epithalon is a tetrapeptide: etalon’s structure made of 4 amino acids. These peptides used to control the cycle of a cell by up-regulation of the telomerase activity in the body.
The person who discovered this peptide was Professor Vladimir Khavinson, a Russian scientist. He had conducted research on epithalon for over 35 years using animals and human trials

How Epithalon Works

This peptide has some anti-aging properties, it works in an amazing process. The main area it works on is in the pineal gland of the human brain. Epithalons function is to increase the natural production of the nucleoprotein telomerase.
This is a natural enzyme that has a distinct role in the body. It aids cells to reproduce telomeres which are the most protective parts of a person’s DNA. It allows DNA replication in our bodies so that the new cells produced to rejuvenate older cells.
This peptide is also known to promote natural cycles and very healthy sleep cycles in people. It regulates the level of cortisol and any other stress hormones. It works by elevating cortisol levels in the morning. And elevating melatonin in the evening hours.


Telomerase-general information

Telomerase is a nucleoprotein in the body that has RNA. Its function is to add some repeated sequences to telomeres’ ends. A telomere protects the end of a chromosome from some factors. Like deterioration or unwanted infusion with other chromosomes.
Although there is a lot of production of telomeras. However production of longer telomeres in young people. If a telomere is long, the better the health of a cell and they give more cell replication. When people start aging, the levels of telomerase produced are low. As a result, leading to cell health decline and less cell replication. That is the main cause of aging in people.
Telomerase and telomere rejuvenation and production is important. When it comes to fighting the signs of aging in people.


Does Epithalon Help?

Epitalon increases the production of telomerase which makes telomeres stronger and longer. As a result, this means that this peptide can help in slowing down the process of aging.

The Benefits of Epithalon

Above all RESEARCH has suggested some of the benefits of Epitalon. Some of these include:

  • Lengthens the lifespan of a person
  • Helps in getting deeper and better sleep
  • It heals any injured muscle cells
  • Delays the process of aging
  • Promotes better-looking skin and general appearance

So far there are no known side effects associated with Epitalon

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