PT-141 for Women’s Libido

PT-141 is a Melanocortin peptide. It helps address the issue of sexual dysfunction, for females and males. It helps women who have sexual arousal disorders and men with erectile dysfunction. This medical product can be an excellent alternative to Cialis or Viagra. But, it is also well known to have happy side effects of the boosted energy and natural tan.

The peptide is a product of the peptide hormone Melanotan II. That tested as the sunless tanning agent. The product manufactured to stimulate melanogenesis.

This peptide helps improving skin tanning. It’s known to enhance libido in women and suppress appetites.

In clinical trials in women, it discovered that the product helped with sexual arousal disorders.

The Main Functions of PT-141

This product has proved its abilities in solving sexual issues in women and men. The product increases the desire to engage in sexual practices by improving libido. PT-141 stimulates the mPOA terminals of your brain. Such functionalities made scientific researchers identify bremelanotide as the main stimulator. Activate your brain’s dopamine hormones. That plays a vital role in sexual motivation among individuals. Dopamines a substance that’s well-known to function as a neurotransmitter for stimulating performance. If you have enough dopamine substance in your brain. You will have a high sexual desire, and you will become aroused more.

It’s easy to treat a woman’s low libido by looking into neurotransmitter problems related to the lower levels of dopamine. Secondly, PT-141 can help women solve their libido or sexual dysfunction problem. As well PT-141 helps in bodybuilding, recovery from injuries and shock that originate from haemorrhages. From the healing property, it’s clear that individuals who are undergoing rigorous physical activities. Such as bodybuilders use this product to recover from their post-workout injuries and muscle exertions.

How PT-141 Works

Unlike other similar medications such as Viagra, PT-141 does not act in the vascular systems. It increases the sexual desire in your nervous systems. It activates and stimulates the dopamine hormone that plays a vital role in sexual motivationi

When the level of dopamine is low, your sexual desire or libido will also reduce. While the product can treat sexual dysfunction in human beings. For instance it can also boost your natural energy without any harmful pills or energy drinks.

Any woman suffering from low sexual desire is likely to experience other issues such as:

  • Physical and mental discomfort
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Anxiety

For instance, this can lead to a strain on family or friend relationships.

Benefits of PT-141

Leads to a Happy Life

Everyone deserves healthy relationships, and this is where PT-141 can help. This peptide designed for the effective treatment of female sexual dysfunction, reperfusion injury, and hemorrhagic shock.

It improves a women’s libido making them enjoy an intimate relationship and a healthy life. You will enjoy the satisfaction when engaging in sexual activities with your partner. With the help of this product, women’s low libido will become a thing of the past. Feeling sexy, active sex life and wanting to become active will come back.

In addition, using PT-141 provides you with endless benefits that result from the treatment of low sexual desires and libido. The product has fewer side effects, and it’s proven to treat sexual dysfunction.

Side Effects

When taken in large amounts, it may lead to nausea, flushing, and headache. The headaches that result from this product are lower compared to medications such as Viagra and Cialis.

Several studies show the headaches that result from other alternative peptides are more intense and last longer compared to PT-141.



Molar mass: 1,025.2 g/mol

Formula: C50H68N14O10

Chain: Ac-Nle-cyclo(-Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys)-OH

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