Deluxe Pen and Cartridge


Reusable high quality Pen, Also known as a insulin pen or HGH pen.

Makes injections much eaiser and more comfortable.

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890 in stock


Deluxe Pen and Cartridge

Reusable high-quality Pen, Also known as an insulin pen or HGH pen.

Makes injections much easier and more comfortable.

How to use the pen

The pens measures in iu. When using this pen you need to work out how much water and product needed to use the pens iu measurements for injection dosage.

For however much the vial contains, you need to mix your chosen water of half that measurement.

i.e for 5mg vial you add 2.5ml of water

When you go to inject the recommended dosage, unlike using a needle which measures in mg. The pen measures in IU. There is no direct conversion from mcg, mg to iu.

For every 2mg is 2000mcg (as you need to multiply the mass value by 1000).

200mcg = 10iu

For every 2mcg = 0.1iu

Example –

MGF is sold in a 2mg vial. When adding the water to mix, (just for the pen) you need to add 1ml water.

We recommend the dosage for MGF, 200mcg. This converts to 10iu.

Using the pen, you would move the dial to 10, and that is your dosage.

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