Help with sleep Increase Your Sleep with Dsip

1. Insomnia affects millions
Insomnia is a condition of the human body, which regarded as a sleep disorder. This condition affects millions of people worldwide. And has a severe effects people suffering from it. Insomnia is difficulty in falling asleep or to sleep for a long period of time. Insomnia can occur as a short-term phenomenon or over a long period of time. It is then regarded as chronic insomnia.
Some of the reported common effects of insomnia are:
  • Low energy levels
  • Feelings of lethargy
  • Sleepiness during daytime
  • A general feeling of not being well.
This happens on both a physical and psychological level. People reported being irritable, anxious, depressed and experiencing mood swings.
People suffering from insomnia have a higher risk of chronic diseases developing.

2. Peptides as an alternative treatment

Common medical treatments used for insomnia are chemical drugs. Such as prescription sleeping pills, antidepressants, antihistamines, melatonin and Ramelteon. The use of these medications causes a lot of other problems. And in some cases, it leads to addiction and various other health problems. They also have side effects which affect the person using it in many ways.
The alternative to these medications is to look at the substances which promotes sleep. Rather than sedating the person who suffers from insomnia, for example, peptides. Peptides assist the body in balancing the hormonal levels by stimulating certain glands. To produce the hormones required for optimal functioning. One such peptide is DSIP which is the acronym for Delta-Sleep-Inducing-Peptide. This peptide can promote sleep and not as a sedative.
DSIPs taken during daytime and will only have a minimal effect in a person with healthy sleep patterns.
DSIP have found to play a modulating role on awake and sleep functions, in particular where the sleep functions disturbed. Its found that a dose of DSIP will improve sleep on several nights. This shows the short-term benefits on sleep patterns.

3. What is DSIP

DSIP is a typical neuropeptide which stimulates sleep in the human body and slows down motor activities. The peptides found in the pituitary, hypothalamus, limbic system and tissue fluids.

4. How does Dsip work?

DSIP works in the human brain and produces a substance that stops degradation which consists of proteins. They’re regulated by glucocorticoids. Which reduces effects such as inflammation caused by allergies or autoimmune disease.

5. Benefits of using DSIP

  • It reduces stress levels which is beneficial in the case of insomnia because of the enhanced state of relaxation. And reduction of the brain’s alertness.
  • DSIP stimulates the production of a hormone in the pituitary gland which increases ovulation in females. And in males the production of testosterone which in turn promotes reproduction.
  • It also influences the release of hormones which promotes cell production and regeneration of it.
  • DSIP regulates the secretion of somatostatin. And thereby aids the body in becoming stronger. Regulates glucose and promote the utilisation of certain nutrients.
  • It also aids the body in limiting body temperature and preventing hypothermia from occurring. This helps to control stress.
  • DSIP also helps to regulate blood pressure and the contraction of the heart muscle. It also promotes a good rest because of the increased occurrence of going into a deep sleep pattern.
  • DSIPs deemed to inhibit the development of cancer. And increases the body’s natural defence mechanisms against the development of cancer.
  • Research also showed that DSIPs used as a treatment for epilepsy.
DSIP can reduce the negative effects of insomnia which includes:
– higher risk of vehicle accidents,
– struggling to focus,
– learn or train, because of low energy levels.

6. Get a good rest

It is very important that a person gets a good night’s rest to ensure that they remain in good health and have enough energy to work hard and train.
Research shows that peptides have the capacity and properties to be able to assist in ensuring a hormonal balance in the human body. Which in turn plays a major role in preventing insomnia.
This fact makes it well worth to use the power of DSIP to combat the occurrence of insomnia instead of using sleep medications with its devastating effects on the human body and psyche.
If you battle with insomnia or struggle to fall asleep. You owe it to yourself to do everything possible to get a great night’s sleep. Sleep enhancing peptides like DSIP can give you that breakthrough you were looking for.f