Bacteriostatic Water vs. Sterile Water

Taking peptides, you have a choice between Bacteriostatic Water vs Sterile Water. Both of these types of water are sterile; there is a vast difference between the two of them.

What is bacteriostatic water?

Bacteriostatic water is a purified and sterilized type of water. For example that is used to dilute peptides meant for injection. It contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol. Benzyl alcohols added to ensure that bacteria do not grow in the water. Diluting peptides with tainted water can have some severe consequences. Benzyl alcohol is what makes bacteriostatic water ideal for injection.
Once a vial of bacteriostatic water is opened the benzyl alcohol will as a result prevent the growth of bacteria for up to 28 days.

Are there any side effects to using bacteriostatic water?
Bacteriostatic water is safe, but there are some side effects associated with its use. That said, the side effects are very rare but, you ought to be aware of them.

That said, the side effects are infrequent but you ought to be aware of them. You should never inject bacteriostatic water without mixing in any medications. The benzyl alcohol in it causes the break down of red blood cells. If you use bacteriostatic water and experience any side effects, consult a doctor.


What is sterile water?

Sterile waters purified and, as the name implies, sterile. But there are no additives or preservatives added to it. Furthermore once a vial of sterile water is open, its used completely at once or used once and discarded. Furthermore, this is one of the reasons that vials of sterile water usually contain a few milliliters of the liquid.
Are there any side effects to using sterile water?
A small percentage of people report inflammation at the injection site. In addition, other side effects include allergic reactions, fever, redness at the site of injection. If you experience any side effects, talk to a doctor immediately.

Which is better?

In addition, bacteriostatic water is better when diluting any peptides. It offers better solubility for the most part. Therefore if you are experimenting with new peptides, it is always best to use bacteriostatic water. Bacteriostatic Water vs Sterile Water – which one will you pick?
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